Radio in Spanish

In yesterday’s post I forgot to tell you why I am obsessed with ‘Carita de Angel’. It is because I listen to a local Spanish-speaking radio when driving.

If you are serious about becoming fluent in Spanish please do so. It is not only a great source of Latin songs to become obsessed with, but also radio ads are invaluable. They are especially great for those who wish they could understand spoken Spanish better. They feature voices of professional lectors, so they are easy to understand and in most cases, funny.

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#1 Marcus on 05.28.10 at 3:24 am

I’ve been listening to 1020am in LA and it’s really helping me in learning the Spanish language. It’s a talk-show, hosted by Fernando Espuelas. His target audience are latinos or those american who speaks Spanish. His Spanish is very clear and easy to understand if your a beginner of the language.

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